Monday, July 2, 2012

Craigslist Posting by JD

Requirements for Services Rendered

No Spammers
Craigslist Posting by JD is a service created for representing legitimate businesses who want to use Craigslist for their advertisements and announcements as it is intended. We are not in business to assist people of an unscrupulous nature bypass Craigslist's anti-spam policies. In plaid English, if you are a spammer, GO AWAY!!

Craigslist Account Required
In order for Craigslist Posting by JD to post your ads to Craigslist, a valid Craigslist account is required. Please be advised that it is customary for Craigslist to verify the account you have started with Craigslist by requesting a valid telephone number that Craigslist will call to provide you with a code number, an automated process.If you already have an account, that will be fine. If not, the service will include creating the account and having you validate that account by phone (an automated system sends you a code). We DO NOT provide you with a phone number. YOU must provide the phone number, and YOU must provide us with the code given to you by Craigslist.

Flagging, Ghosting, and Banning
Anyone's posts are in danger of being removed if enough people "flag" your ad as inappropriate. Even if it is deemed as being perfectly acceptable. The problem is that if you end up having numerous ads are flagged, then Craigslist will initiate a process called "ghosting" of your ads. When this process is initiated, even though your ad appears to be an accepted ad, in reality it is not actually alive in the listing for the general public to view. To complicate matter even more,if Craigslist suspects you as being a spammer, they may very well blacklist your IP address (your actual computer address). This will mean that you will not be able to post any future ads from your computer address until your computer address is removed from the blacklist, if ever!

Craigslist Posting by JD will not jeopardize our posting services by accepting unscrupulous clients that have a recorded history of flagging, ghosting or blacklisting occurring. also to be perfectly clear, as part of your business agreement with Craigslist Posting by JD you must complicate matter by posting other Craigslist ads in the same category for which you are paying us to post. This of course would jeopardize both ads placed causing them to be flagged and subsequently cause problems with Craigslist.

At top of this blog page you will see the Craigslist Terms of Use - NEW. These were revised in February 2012. It is YOUR responsibility to review these terms and know them before requesting any posting by Craigslist Posting by JD. Please DO NOT request any more than is allowed by these terms. This will only be a red flag to us that you are a spammer and your work request will denied.